B2B Exhibitors Database

FidensGen’s experts identify various exhibitors who are exhibiting their latest business services and products that may help customers save money, work more efficiently or grow their enterprises.

At FidensGen, we are experts in b2b data driven marketing services. Our database can be used for a variety of marketing channels. We take great care to manage our data to ensure it is reliable and useful to our clients. Every entry on our business database contains a range of information including not just a telephone number and email address where applicable, but other data too. This allows you to narrow down your criteria to make sure you pitch your marketing campaign at the right audience.

Having access to a b2b database which is comprehensive and kept up to date could be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing armoury, allowing you to ensure that every penny you spend has the potential to bring in a return.

The most basic level of list we provide is standard direct mail data, supplied with name and address for the purposes of postal marketing and mail-shots. Business Data is based on Companies House information, matched against industry leading data-files to append further variables for segmentation.

The ability to target a company decision-maker, or consumer, via e-mail is now a well-established marketing approach.

In today’s “computer age” pretty much everything in life can be found, viewed and bought online. A company’s marketing budget should reflect this. Our e-mail lists are mainly generated through online research, supplemented with national lifestyle surveys executed by post and phone. New data is collected daily and constantly feeds into the master file to ensure cutting edge accuracy of information.

If you are looking to source a list of business decision-makers, based on pre-agreed criteria, we can help you achieve your goals.

Search criteria we offer on Business data lists & B2B data includes:

• Contact type – Exhibitor Name, Website, Address, Postcode, Mobile
• Contact Person– First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Contact Email
• Geography – All over the world
• Company type – Industry/Vertical, SIC code
• Company size – Turnover, company or site employees


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